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who we are

exposure to beautiful jewelry occurred very early in life for tej kothari. watching his mother evaluate beautiful antique jewelry with her keen eye for design is a prevalent childhood memory and he was always by her side as she grew her passion into a successful jewelry venture. 


designing jewelry occured while he attended college in the pursuit of a molecular biology degree. asked to accompany his mother on a antique buying trip he was encouraged to design a few pieces to occupy his time with the promise of the sales proceeds going towards his graduate degree fund.  those pieces he designed sold quickly and the passion he felt towards designing resulted in the end of a promising science career.  

kothari was established in 2009 after tej honed his skills designing jewelry under his mom's tutelege.  his designs are based on the details + proportions of beautiful antique jewelry viewed thru a lens of modern + minimalist sensibility under a filter of nature and its tiniest wonders.  each piece has hand crafted character + visual balance and graceful wearability.  the stones are custom cut or hand selected and primarily set in 18k gold though he does not shy away from experimenting with other materials.

the joy of wearing a kothari design is enduring as the design aesthetic lends to a timeless elegance.  even as tej's design vocabulary grows and morphs his passion for design always comes through each piece making it uniquely kothari. 

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